How to Supercharge Your Day

How to Supercharge Your Day

We all experience periods of fatigue and low energy, whether it's due to a full work schedule, poor sleep, or simply the stresses of daily life. But if you're feeling like you're constantly running on empty, there are ways to help you fuel up and recover from your day, so you can come back stronger for tomorrow.

Do you have the basics down?

Your foundations of health – nutrition, activity, sleep, and resiliency – profoundly impact your energy levels, mood, and overall health. Changing your habits to reflect the outcome you want to achieve is undoubtedly the hardest obstacle to overcome. Eating healthier, being more active, getting your sleep routine perfect, and learning to manage stress will help you feel better, but making those changes can be intimidating.

Luckily, superfoods can help, providing the support you need as you work on your foundational health.

Choose your drink.

Every day is different and has its own challenges - that can sometimes change by the hour! Superfoods can help support your body with key nutrients as you rise those occasions and take on the day.

For when you need energy, lean on Iron Vegan’s Balanced Energy. With its synergetic blend of organic mushrooms, it helps increase energy and combats mental fatigue.  These mushrooms are also adaptogenic, meaning they work with your existing state of health to help you better deal with environmental, physical, and mental stress factors. How smart!

Pro tip: Enjoy Balanced Energy, especially the Roasted coffee flavor, as a caffeine-free alternative to your regular coffee order. Or sip the delicious iced tea lemonade flavor during your workout to keep you going longer.

When you need to recover and wind down from a long and busy day, you can utilize Iron Vegan’s Rebound Recovery. The synergistic blend of turmeric, tart cherry, l-theanine, and stress-supporting herbs like ashwagandha and holy basil help bring your body back down into a calming state.

Pro tip: Recover from your workout or meeting marathon with Rebound Recovery. We also love it as part of a bedtime routine.

And for daily support, you could take Iron Vegan’s Superfoods & Greens. Days full of back-to-back meetings, getting chores done, and rushing kids in between appointments can mean you put your nutrition on the back burner. This blend of real fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains and seeds, and mushrooms provide your body with antioxidants and fill in any gaps.

Pro tip: Jazz up your water with the delicious Pineapple Orange flavor or add a boost to your smoothie with the unflavored version.

Your new superfood routine

Here’s how our health experts add in our superfood blends in their day to day:

Option 1:
  • Morning workout fueled with Balanced Energy
  • Quick lunch alongside this Immune Boosting Superfood Smoothie  ft Superfood & Greens
  • Post Work Calm brought to you by Rebound Recovery
Option 2:
  • Breakfast followed with Superfood and Greens
  • Replacing the afternoon coffee with this Iced Frappe ft Balanced Energy
  • Post-workout recovery with Rebound Recovery
Option 3:
  • Fight writer’s block with Balanced Energy
  • Get a boost of energy with Superfood & Greens
  • Netflix & chill with this Avocado Lime Sorbet ft Rebound Recovery
The options are endless. Find the routine and flavor that works for you!

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How to Supercharge Your Day

How to Supercharge Your Day

How to fuel for your day and recover.