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What is “Prop 65”?

Proposition 65, otherwise known as Prop 65, is the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, a law specific to the State of California. As the name implies, the main goal of the legislation is to protect drinking water from substances that pose various risks to human health by prohibiting businesses from knowingly discharging the listed substances into water that is or could potentially be used as a source of drinking water, or onto land where the substances may pass into drinking water sources. In addition, the law aims to reduce or eliminate exposure to those substances by requiring warnings on consumer products that contain a level of those substances greater than what could present a 1-in-100,000 risk of cancer assuming lifetime exposure, or 1-in-1000 of the no observable effect level for other toxins. The law requires that the state of California maintain and update a list of chemicals that are known to pose various risks to human health. As of January 2020, the list included over 900 substances, including lead.

Should I be concerned that there is a Prop 65 warning on my Iron Vegan by Jamieson product?

Fruits, vegetables, grains, and even drinking water all naturally contain some levels of lead because it is a naturally occurring trace mineral. Plants like turnips, rice, spinach, peas, and almonds absorb minerals from the soil in which they’re grown, and so will naturally include trace amounts of lead even if the soil is certified organic.

The Prop 65 limit on lead is 0.5 mcg per serving, which is well below what is found in naturally grown produce. In fact, the State of California’s own studies of soil, from 70 different locations, established that most vegetables averaged four times the Prop 65 lead limits. However, you won’t see Prop 65 warning labels on those foods because these levels have been established as naturally occurring and the food producers are not required to provide Prop 65 warnings. Prop 65 warnings are only required for consumer goods.

It should be noted that federal agencies like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) already set levels for safe consumption. Prop 65 limits for lead, for example, are much lower than what the FDA and EPA deem safe.

How is Jamieson complying with Prop 65?

If you reside in the State of California, or if you are simply concerned with California Prop 65, we want you to know that Jamieson takes Prop 65 very seriously. Our team of quality experts work closely with our suppliers, manufacturers, third-party auditors and other industry experts to identify the best laboratories and most accurate test methods to use for each product. We routinely use test methods including ICP/MS (inductively coupled plasma/mass spectrometry) to test for heavy metals and reject any lots or batches that are above our incredibly stringent quality standards.

We also routinely review ingredient sources and strive to lower naturally occurring lead levels where possible without compromising the quality and product experience.

What else does Jamieson do to ensure Iron Vegan products are of the highest quality?

  • Jamieson has a full-time Quality Control Department dedicated to ensuring all appropriate quality practices are met.
  • All Jamieson products are safely manufactured by cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) third-party audited facilities.
  • All ingredients used in any Jamieson product are tested to be safe, pure, and potent using industry-leading quality assurance protocols.
  • Iron Vegan by Jamieson products are Non-GMO Project Verified.

Jamieson is Here For Your Health. All our products have always been safe because your health and safety is our top priority.