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Split your entire online purchase into 4 interest-free payments, over 6 weeks with no impact to your credit.

payment break down 25% today, 25% 2 weeks, 25% 4 weeks, 25% 6 weeks


2 weeks

4 weeks

6 weeks

Here's how to Sezzle

Step 1 - shop the store


Shop and add items to your cart as normal!

Step 2 - checkout at the store


Choose Sezzle at Checkout! You’ll be redirected to Sezzle to Sign Up or Log In to complete your order.

Step 3 - Select Sezzle and Sezzleit

Sezzle it

Your order will be shipped out right away* and your payments will be split up over 6 weeks.

*shipping times subject to merchant shipping policy

How do refunds work?
When a merchant cancels or refunds an order, your payment plan will be updated automatically, and we will send you an email detailing exactly what’s changed.

Until you get notified of confirmation of a refund from the merchant, AND Sezzle receives those funds, we will continue collecting payments per our user agreement.

How will I receive my refund for a Pay-in-4 or Pay-in-2 order?

• Anything refunded to you will always cancel outstanding payments first.
• After those payments are canceled, if you are due any money back to your original payment method, the refunded amount will appear on your account within 10 business days after receiving the refund email from Sezzle.
• Industry regulations require that refunds be sent back to the original payment method that was used. If you used multiple payment methods to pay off the installments, you may receive refunds for each payment method for the same order.
• Sometimes refunds can be returned in installment amounts to reflect how the payments were made initially, so it’s helpful to check for anything labeled “Sezzle,” rather than specific amounts.
How will I receive my refund for a Pay-in-Full order?

If you use the Pay-in-Full feature to pay for your order and the order is returned or canceled, the refund amount issued by the merchant will be returned to the original payment method.

What if the merchant refunded me directly using another payment processor?

When a merchant or third party issues you funds for a refund through a different payment method (i.e. PayPal), no changes are made to your Sezzle installment plans. Since the funds were issued to you directly, you do still need to pay Sezzle the equivalent of those funds. This will cause the amounts to balance each other out.
For example, if you have placed a $100 order with Sezzle and paid $25, but a third party issues you a refund of $100, you actually have made a profit of $75. Paying the remainder to Sezzle negates that profit, making the overall amount spent on the order $0.
How do refunds work with purchases made with a Sezzle Virtual Card?
When a refund is issued to your Sezzle Virtual Card, the refund may not be applied to the installment plan associated with the refunded order. Our system first detects orders with outstanding installments, and it may issue a refund to those orders before going back to the original order. To view which orders were affected by your refund, log into your Sezzle account and navigate to the "Orders" tab. By selecting “All Orders," you’ll be able to view which orders have been refunded, canceled, or reduced installments due to the refund received.

If the merchant issues store credit, no changes will be made to your Sezzle order. You will still be responsible for all payments, as you are now essentially paying off a gift card.

If a refund is issued to your payment method after outstanding installments have been canceled, the refund typically appears on your statement within ten business days from the date you receive the email from Sezzle. Depending on the number of orders and installments on your account, our refunds can appear in amounts equal to each installment or as a lump sum. We recommend checking for refunds from Sezzle instead of looking for a specific dollar amount.
I can't find a refund on my account.
If you cannot find a refund on your account, we recommend using the points below to troubleshoot.

Find the amount that should be returned to your payment method

If you received a refund and there are unpaid installments on the order, those installments will be canceled before any funds are returned to your account. You can confirm whether or not there are outstanding payments on your order in your dashboard. If funds are left over after all outstanding payments have been canceled, the amount returned to your payment method will also be listed in your dashboard.

Confirm which payment method(s) were used on the order

If you paid for an order with multiple payment methods, like using two different cards, your refund would be split between those payment methods.

Follow up with the merchant

If you’ve received communication from the merchant that they’ve sent a refund, but you haven’t received an email from Sezzle confirming a refund was issued, follow up with the merchant regarding its status. If the merchant confirms they sent the refund and you still have not received an email from us, fill out the Get Help With this Order form at the bottom of the order page, and we'd be happy to investigate further.

Check your bank statement for smaller return amounts

Sometimes refunds can be returned in installment amounts to reflect how the payments were made initially, so it’s helpful to check for anything labeled “Sezzle” rather than specific amounts.

Ensure the merchant did not issue store credit

If the merchant issues store credit, no changes will be made to your Sezzle order. You will still be responsible for all payments because you received the purchase price back in a different form. Similarly, if a merchant refund is issued via cash or a third party such as Venmo or PayPal, a refund will not be issued to your Sezzle account.
I received a refund but my payment method has been closed.
If you are due a refund on one of your orders, but the payment method used to pay off the order is now closed or canceled, the funds will still be returned to you.

Due to industry regulations, we can only send refunds back to the original payment method. However, most banks and card companies have policies in place for instances just like this. If you have a new account with the same institution, they can often credit the funds to your new account. If you closed all accounts entirely, they may notify you of the credit or issue you a check. In all instances, we recommend contacting the financial institution associated with the closed payment method directly, as they'll be the best source of information regarding their processes.
How do refunds work for Sezzle’s long-term financing partners?
When a merchant initiates a refund to an order where a long-term financing partner was used, it will be applied directly to the principal balance of the loan. If the refund amount is larger than the loan's outstanding balance, the difference will be paid back to you in the form of a check or credited back to the original payment method used. For more information about how a refund was applied to your long-term financing order, please get in touch with the lender directly.

I need to cancel, return or exchange my order.

To cancel, return, or exchange your order, you must reach out to the merchant directly. Each merchant has its own policies regarding cancellations, returns, and exchanges, and they will be able to best assist you by providing the specifics of their policies. Most commonly, you can find the merchant’s policies listed within their FAQ or help articles, often listed on their website.

I haven’t received my refund yet.

For Sezzle orders financed by financing partners (Ally, Bread, etc.), refunds will be applied directly to the loan's principal balance. If the refund amount is larger than the outstanding balance on the loan, the difference will be paid back to the shopper in the form of a check or credited back to the original payment method used. If funds are received by mail, refund checks are mailed to the address on file 60-90 days after the order was returned. If the refunded amount is less than the outstanding balance on the loan, the refund will be subtracted from the outstanding balance. Please note that monthly payments will not decrease due to a refund being issued; however, it is possible to pay the loan balance off early if the refunded amount exceeds the amount of 1 minimum monthly payment. If your requested order cancellation or order return is not reflected on your long-term financing account, please get in touch with the merchant directly to check on the status of your order request.

I was overcharged.
If you find a charge from Sezzle that appears to be incorrect, there are a few things to look at to help determine what's going on.

Is the charge pending?

Pending charges appear differently on your bank account or card statement than a posted transaction. These are often called "authorizations" or "preauthorizations" and are not necessarily the amount that will be charged (or posted) to your account. In some cases, especially for new orders, we may authorize your payment method for the total amount, but the charge will only post for the amount of the specific installment. If you see a pending charge, especially if it matches the order total of a recent order, we recommend waiting a few days for the payment to finalize. Typically, this happens within 7 business days, though usually sooner. This process is entirely automatic and not something we can expedite.

If you have further questions about how authorizations or pending charges work, we recommend reaching out to your financial institution, as they'll be able to best explain how those terms apply to your account.

Is the charge labeled as "Sezzle"?

If the charge doesn't have Sezzle in the name, and especially if it's for the total amount of your order, it's most likely that your purchase wasn't completed with Sezzle. The charge will usually be under the store's name, and you won't see an order on your Sezzle account. If this is the case, and you'd like to complete the order with Sezzle, we recommend reaching out to the store directly to see if they can issue you a refund so that you can place the order again through Sezzle.

Is the charge only slightly more than expected?

If the charge amount is slightly more than you expected it to be, it's likely that there was a fee* added to your payment. You can find more information about the payment amount by logging into your Sezzle account and reviewing the order. You can also read more about fees here.

Is the charge $20-$40 more than expected and charged separately?

If you see two charges on your account, typically on the same day, and one looks like your regular payment amount, but the other isn't an expected payment amount, you've likely been charged an overdraft or NSF fee by your financial institution. While these fees can vary based on your financial institution, they're typically between $20-$40 each, with $35 being a common amount. If you have questions about why you were charged this fee, please reach out to your financial institution directly - they'll be able to explain best why the fee was charged to your account and provide any recommendations to avoid the fee in the future.

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